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Counselling and Therapy

Frequently asked questions:

How do I know if counselling is for me?


Sometimes we have to face life changes we cannot understand, adjust to, cope with or which frighten us. At these times it can be a great relief to talk to someone who knows how to support you professionally, knows how to keep you safe and helps you through listening and not-judging. 

By looking at feelings, or belief systems we can change how we perceive the world and ourselves differently and learn to react in different ways. You learn coping strategies and tools which will help you in daily life to implement changes.

I believe we are carrying the resources within us to allow change to happen. Life is a journey where change is inevitable- if we resist change through our set attitudes or belief system and feelings it creates more pain and suffering, but with a helping hand we can change and learn to cope with new circumstances, ideas and beliefs.


How can a counsellor help me?

I learned to trust this process of change as I have done this journey many times in my life and I have been alongside many clients supporting them to go through a transition to help find their own solutions through the use of therapeutic interventions - this could be through talking and therapeutic exercises.

My special interest is helping clients to come in contact with their sometimes hidden or confused self, building awareness through meditation, embodied body therapy and mindfulness as well as to develop a deep understanding of the inner self through working creatively with different medias.


I developed a deep understanding of cultural differences and ethical diversity having lived many years in different countries and cultures. I offer a non-judgemental, empathic and safe space for everyone who needs a helping hand to embrace life fully again.

Can I have a free consultation to see if counselling is right for me and if like to work with the you?


The initial consultation is free of charge and will be offered on Phone, Skype or face to face depending on availability and within 1-7 days.



How do I arrange my initial session?


To make an appointment for a free consultation please send an email or text to 07909960412.

Please let me know where (place) or how (phone /Skype) you want to meet and a brief summary of your issues/feelings you are having to deal with and find difficult. I will come back to you with dates and times possible.

How much do I have to pay for the counselling sessions?

All fees are depending on income and will be agreed in the initial consultation:

  • Counselling/ Therapy session (50-60 minutes) - £ 40 - £ 60

  • Couple counselling (60-75 minutes) - £ 50 - £ 75

  • for fees about Supervision look  above under Supervision

Are Concessions available for clients with low income (benefits or students)?


Yes you can negotiate with me a reduced payment fee in the initial session if you are on benefits, you are a student or have other circumstances which do make it impossible to pay the full fee.


How do I pay?

Fees are payable by cash or cheque, or bank transfer before the session.

Bank account details are:   

                                            Name:                     Ute Dorner

                                            Account No:           55583121 

                                            Sort code:               55-50-05


Where are the counselling sessions offered?


All venues are offering a safe and confidential environment for counselling, meditation and individual body work/yoga:

  • Oswestry, Memorial Hall, Smithfield Street, SY11 2EG, (town centre), Shropshire.

  • ShrewsburyRoy Fletcher Centre, 12-15 Cross Hill,(town centre), Shropshire.

  • Chester Clinic of Complement Medicine, 68 Heath Road, Chester, Upton, CH3 1HX. Sessions can be arranged directly at reception 01244 390411. With private entrance and car park.

  • All venues include nearby parking or local transport

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