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Super Health Food
Super Health Food

Culinary Grief Therapy

Cook, eat and share with others in a safe and supportive environment

When you struggle to cook and eat by yourself after bereavement then you might be needing help to get inspired. Sharing coping strategies around food and learning how to cook simple but highly nutritious and tasty meals with others will support you to find new ways to look after yourself.

A new Culinary Grief Workshops starts October 2019 in York and February 2020 in Chester.

Healthy Salad

The workshop facilitators

The Workshop Facilitators

Sabine and Ute are offering Culinary Grief Therapy Workshops to help people who are grieving with holistic support. They offering support to cope with the emotional and practical challenges around cooking for one to prevent any short or long term health effects on body and mind.

Ute is a member of BACP and her qualifications include person-centered and bereavement counselling and Expressive Arts Therapy with groups.


Sabine is a fully qualified and registered nutritional therapist and member of BANT and CNHC. Her approach to cooking is based on Ayurvedic principles.

Both are KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga Instructors

The Workshops

The Workshops

A series of 8 Culinary Grief Workshops combined with Expressive Arts Therapy and Kundalini Yoga breathing exercises and meditations:

  • Aimed at bereaved partners regardless of age, ethnicity or gender

  • One 6-hour workshop per month, each with a different theme / focus

  • Maximum of fourteen participants per workshop 

  • Practical evidence-based nutritional information

  • Coping strategies and practical skills for grocery shopping, cooking and eating for one 

  • Shared meal and social interaction

Festive Dinner Table
Course Details

Course Schedules


26th October 2019

16th November 2019

14th December 2019

25th January 2020

29th February 2020

28th March 2020

25th April 2020

23rd May 2020

Price and payment

- Price for whole course £760 per person

Payments in 3 installments or all at once

- Price for one workshop £120 per person

10% discount on each successive workshop

The Venue

Venues: York High School

Address: Cornlands Road, York YO24 3WZ

Public Tansport: Bus no. 4 stops close by

Parking: Free parking in car park shared with Energise Leisure Center


Please contact Sabine if you would like to participate in these workshops. Availability of places will vary for each workshop, so please let us know of your interest as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Health Questionnaire

To provide the best support and ensure maximum safety during workshops, we ask every participant to fill in a Health Questionnaire to inform us about any medication, supplements, food allergies or other information we may need to know.

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Why combine healthy and nutrition with Kundalini Yoga and Expressive Arts?

Research has shown that there is a strong link between healthy nutrition, the diversity of beneficial bacteria in our gut and our state of emotional and physical well being.

Grief triggers a stress response, causing many changes in the body that can affect our health. In addition, losing our partner can drastically change our dietary habits and lead to eating too much or too little.

Kundalini Yoga and Expressive Arts can complement healthy nutrition by helping us reduce stress and giving us the space to connect with and express our emotions other than with words.

Using meditation, sound and movement techniques stimulates the vagus nerve, the major pathway connecting of gut with the brain. This puts the body into a "relay and repair" mode and increase our vitality by improving food digestion and absorption and the diversity of beneficial gut bacteria.

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