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Introduction Course and Weekly Classes

You learn how to stay in the neutral calm mind (Meditation), as well as how to use: the interrelateness of movement (Asanas) and the pace of breath (Pranayam) which balances all body systems, vibrational power of sound engages the cranial area which alters the qualities of the psyche, the rhythmical repetition of the chanting (Mantra) and the tonal relationship between the sounds produces a powerful sound current which stimulates glands.

All this will help you to go into deep meditation and relaxation benefiting body, mind and spirit. You learn how to use the body-locks and the right breathing to allow the 

Kundalini energy to awaken and to travel through the nadis (sutle energy channels). Mastering a kriya brings you a sense of grace, power and the ability to complete things.

“You act timelessly and timely.... a kriya in Kundalini Yoga is a sequence of

postures, breath, and sound that are integrated together to allow the manifestation of a particular state.” Yogi Bhajan


Yoga Classes all Abilities

on mat or chair in Oswestry

Memorial Hall, Smithfield Street,

Towns centre

Thursday 9:45am - 11.15am

Start when you like in 2020

buy a class attandance card in advance

for 10 weeks: each class £6



pay in class £10 drop-in


Kundalini Yoga Classes

in Shrewsbury 

Triratna Buddhist Centre, Queen Street, Castlefield

Wednesday 5:30pm - 6:45pm

Start when you like 2020

buy a class attandance card in advance

 10 weeks: each class £8


pay in class £12 drop-in

50+ Chair Yoga and Meditation 

Yoga and Meditation supports your physical health, for example keeping our sense of balance or normalising blood pressure. It also strengthens the nervous system and stimulates brain activities which helps against Alzheimer, Dementia and Parkinson.

It positively influences the level of different hormones which effects our mood and helps with depression, anxiety and grief. It also changes our awareness about our thinking patterns exchanging negative thinking to positive, helpful thoughts.

I look forward to offer Kundalini Yoga 50+ for those who want to stay young as long as possible. Even if you have never practised yoga before or find sitting on the floor challenging you will be able to participate and get all the health benefits.


50+ Chair Yoga & Meditation

Shrewsbury, Oswestry and or Chester


The availability of classes is subject to the number of participants (minimum 7). So get yourself on the waiting list, when there are enough interested we contact you about  times, days and start dates.


If there are any medical conditions that concerns you to take part in the classes then please let me know in advance by email.

It is very important to me that personal information is kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone except if required by an authority for legal reasons and will be discarded if you request it to be destroyed.