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The Chakras System - Energy Centres of the Body

How does the energy flow of the chakras link a spiritual being in a human body?

The four autumn workshops from September to December will give you an insight in how we express our subtle energy qualities. Becoming aware of weaknesses in our energy centres/ chakras and making them stronger will help us to experience life more fully.

The workshops complement each other. Each workshop is a step towards the alignment of all chakras, guiding you from the ground upwards. You will feel healthier and more complete through energising your chakras, creating a better functioning of related organs, glandular and nervous system, electro-magnetic field and spiritual connection.

Each workshop starts at 10am - 1pm and is £30.

All four Workshops are £100


1st & 2nd Chakras

9th September, 2018

The 1st Chakra - Mulandhara connects to the elimination organs  in the pelvic area. This Chakra helps to let go of what is not needed any longer, enabling you to feel secure  without anxiety and guilt.

The 2nd Chakra - Svadisthana is linked to the sexual energy & organs, and Kidneys  & Bladder. It allows to create meaningful relationships and to feel safe to experience emotions.


3rd & 4th Chakras

14th October, 2018

A balanced 3rd Chakra - Manipura

links to the organs of digestion: Liver, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Solar plexus. It gives the balanced actions of a warrior through willpower.

The 4th chakra - Anahata is regulated by the Heart and Thymus Gland. It supports the flow of compassion and forgiveness without attachment and fear of rejection.


5th & 6th Chakras

11th November, 2018

The 5th Chakra - Vishudda regulates the thyroid gland, gives a warm melodious voice and the ability to express yourself with confidence. It gives authenticity to your words without fear of judgement.

The 6th chakra - Ajna is linked to the area between your brows, the Third Eye. It gives vision, focus and intuition without feeling depressed or confused, but feeling hopeful and trusting.


7th & 8th Chakras

9th December, 2018

The 7th chakra - Sahasrara is related to the top of the head/ the Crown and connects to our soul and humility. It giving us an Infinite experience without feeling of separation.


The 8th chakra - Aura or Auric body, enveloping all chakras, radiating an electric-magnetic field which gives projection and protection.

Intense Kundalini Sunday Workshops are

in Oswestry, Coed-y-Go, from 10 am - 1 pm

11th August - Create a mind for Prosperity 1

"I am beautiful, bountiful, I am blissful.”

Kundalini yoga works when you see that you are part of creation, when you see that the energy of creation is in you, then you can become the creator of your life. You can live a rich and fulfilling life when you transform your mind of poverty and build a positive magnetic mind so you are able to percieve the multiple abundant possibilities surrounding you.

Yogi Bhajan said: 'You must achieve things through the mind—the positive mind. Achieve positive things for yourself. When you are positive, your life is positive, your projection is positive. Then you will find a lot of people loving you, a lot of people come to you. There are two ways to live, folks. One is to hustle and live. The other is to live and let things come to you. So if your magnetic psyche can be positively aroused from point six, point eight, point nine or one to two point five, everything in the world you ever need mentally, subconsciously, consciously or unconsciously will come to you. If you really are positive about it, then the positive mind may serve you forever.'

8th September - Become Magnetic for Prosperity 2

"In the science of yoga it is the most sacred kriya of the yogis, who can produce miricles... So you can enjoy it and feel good about me when you become prosperous and rich, call me.” Yogi Bhajan

'Prosperity is more then wealth. With mantra and meditation we fix our mental relationship to prosperity and power. It will produce money; prosperity will come. Opportunities will come. Richness will come. The only way you can become independent is if you are intuitive. To develop your intuition, you have to have your breath—the basic elementary power of life—under your control. And you must have a positive mind because all the thoughts that are stuck in the subconscious will start dropping into the unconscious when it’s overloaded—and then you will have nightmares. So you have to get rid of them at a subconscious level.' Yogi Bhajan



the following workshops we have run this year already:


10th March - 'Spring time Detox'

The know how of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and breathing to cleans deeply your body and mind. Decluttering your inner space from unhelpful waiste and mind set helps you to put again a spring in your step.


14th April - 'Breaking Unhelpful Habits and Addictive Behaviour'

Experience how meditation and yoga will help you remove unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and habits which make you depend on unhealthy choices, such as, non-beneficial eating patterns, destructive life style choices and even drug abuse. If you want to change your life and/or yourself then your mind needs to let go of the harmful practices it has been taught to believe and want. 

Changing our patterns and addictive behaviour is not easy; to keep going in the right direction Kundalini Yoga can help to create the commitment and motivation to support you on your way.

!!!For once on the third Sunday of the month!!!

19th May - 'Be Stress free through a strong


How would it be if you could handle life more effordlessly, stress free and more healthy?  Having strong nerves give you stamina and determination, and establishes a balanced  between parasympathic and sympatic nervous system lets you deal with stress in a positive and enriching way.

You can be part of this mind blowing encouraging day to support yourself and dismantle the myth that stress is bad for you. 

(the following 4 Sundays are planned but need to be confirmed)

9th June - 'From Negative and Positive Mind to

Neutral Mind'

In the yogic tradition the mind is divided in three parts. Two of them are opposites, the negative and positive mind, who are either working together or arguing against each other. The undermining negative mind or criticus in us  can cost a lot of energy and time to keep in check, but can be useful to keep us safe. The positive mind can make us feel free and easy, but can take us to foolish or spontanious decisions. Meditation and awareness practice like yoga can develop the neutral mind, only there we are balanced enough to make choices which serve to be happier and healthier. 

14th July - Healing the Wounds of Love

We all have to heal our hearts of some wounds we had to take as life gave us challenges to move through. The love of our parents, children, friends or lovers can be hurtful at times and to protect us we closed more or less our hearts. Mantra and Shabads meditation and Kundalini yogic practice carrying the knowledge to heal the wounds of love, balance the female and male aspects of our life and help us to intregrate it into our life. 

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